Group Description
Weather Alerts Reporting provided by the National Weather Service for Dallas/Fort Worth Area.
School Closings
Traffic Alerts
Hazardous Conditions
Power Outages
FBI Most Wanted The FBI update include links to press releases, stories about FBI cases, programs and initiatives, and breaking news.
Facebook Update Welcome to the Official Dallas Police Department Facebook Page. We hope you will find some interesting and useful information.
Dallas Crime Alerts The men and women of the Dallas Police Department will work with the citizens of Dallas to provide the highest level of quality, professional service that the City of Dallas deserves.
Dallas HotSheet Seen a crime, watch these crime videos. This is the Dallas Police Youtube Crime Video Update.
Missing Children/Amber Al Join this group to receive alerts when a new missing child is added to the group of missing-children-alert cases as seen on the homepage
Cyber Crime Update Stay informed about cyber crime and computer crimes. Spyware, identity theft, viruses and cyber security are reported by the FBI.
FBI Dallas Welcome to the official FBI Dallas Twitter. To submit a tip on terrorism or a federal crime, please go to
DPDBeat The DPD Beat is maintained by the staff of the Dallas Police Department’s Media Relations Unit.
Homeland Security
FEMA Updates