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UPDATE: Two arrests have been made in the murder of David Houston B/M/4/2/1995 w...

Posted: May 24th, 2013 11:46

UPDATE: Two arrests have been made in the murder of David Houston B/M/4/2/1995 which occurred at 5900 Highland Hills Drive when suspects shot the complainant when he refused to give them a ride. On May 24, 2013 homicide detectives arrested Kendrick Mathis B/M/12/08/1994 and accomplice Kevon Brown B/M/4/2/1994 for murder. Both suspects are in custody and charged with Capital Murder. This offense is documented on service number 123747-A

Homicide 5900 Highland Hills
On May 19, 2013, at approximately 1:30 AM, David Houston, B/M/20, drove a friend to 5900 Highland Hills Drive, the Estelle Village Apartments. As the friend was getting out of the car, four suspects approached Mr. Houston and asked him for a ride. He refused and was then shot multiple times. He drove from the location and crashed into a private residence in the 3600 block of Moonstone. He was transported to Baylor where he was pronounced deceased. On May 20, 2013, homicide detective assigned to the case received an anonymous tip that a person known as “Bon Ton” was one of the black males who shot the victim. During the investigation, homicide detectives discovered that another homicide detective was interviewing four other males who murdered a person on 5/19/2013 at approximately 10:26 AM at 1200 E Montana Avenue. All the people interviewed for the Montana Avenue murder were arrested and the offense was documented on case number 124358-A. The assigned detectives consulted and learned that on both murders the males solicited rides from their victims. On May 23, 2013 the detective assigned to Mr. Houston’s case interviewed Kendrick Mathis B/M/12/08/1994 and Kevon Brown B/M/4/2/1995. During both the interview’s, both males admitted their involvement and discussed the murder in detail. Both Kendrick Mathis and Kevon Brown are in custody and charged with Capital Murder.

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